Monday: Back From the Holiday Hiatus

1 December, 2008 | Posted by Marvyn

Long holidays confuse my body’s internal clock. Two days ago I woke up thinking it’s time for the daily Monday grind. At least I was comforted by that euphoric feeling when I realized it’s only Saturday. Too bad my euphoria didn’t extend to today. Now I sit here in my cold dungeon of an office, pondering how to start my work week. It doesn’t help that I’ve lazily sat on my bum the last 4 days. So it’s hard to get the work ball rolling especially when that ball is shaped like a cube.

I envy those student teeny boppers I see on the street corner every morning when I walk Oreo. I know they hate Mondays just as much as I do, but at least they don’t have to deal with the financial responsibilities us adults do. Of course that envious feeing dissipates the moment Oreo and I walk back inside and I plunk myself on the couch to play video games for a few hours. Which is something I did a lot this past weekend. A weekend where I can say I’ve accomplished a lot. (or little depending on your scale of accomplishment) Big things I can list are:

  • I have bonded with the in-laws.
  • Managed my self-will not to buy anything on Friday
  • Set up our holiday decorations on Saturday/Sunday.
  • And in between I’ve managed to blog just a bit.

My morning chores are done. Oreo has been walked and fed, the Bears are in their fort, and Mary is at work. Shall I tell my clients to F off today and put in some work for the office construction? I have to haul ass on the office because I really need to start working on the nursery, which my parents have been giving me a tough time about. Not the construction, but the floor plans of the nursery.

How do I break out of this holiday crash? Any motivation tips?

  • Patti says:

    how about this…
    in exactly three months you will have your son in your arms! =)(or close to it)
    so, you need to work your butt off now get as much work stuff done as u can & fix up the nursery the way u & your wife would like it to be, cause when he arrives, all u r gonna want to do is stare & play with him. and once you get used to him, he will keep you too busy to ponder the great question of “should i work or play video games?” (at least until he is about two years old…cause that’s how old lex is & henow plays wii with andre! HAHA)

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