Me and the Little Boy

13 March, 2009 | Posted by Marvyn

First order of business: One of the attendees of Mary’s birthday soiree left his/her sweater behind. Claim this lovely knit at the next family gathering.

Bath Time

Jagger had his first “real” bath today(he has had sponge baths before this). Of course he cried for a good majority of it. He simply does not want to be cold, let alone wet.


Call the Wahhhhhbulance!

I’ve developed two techniques to stop Jagger from crying. The first technique is where I pretend cry with him, which makes him stop and stare at me. Effective, but it’s not something I’m going to do in public. The other option is to cradle and rock him to sleep. Not a useful technique when I need him awake. Any suggestions?

Poop Encounter

I had my first poop disaster with Jagger a few nights ago. I need him awake for his late night feeding so I stripped him down to his diaper to wake him up. After he ate, we were watching Sports Center and a little peanut butter slipped past his diaper and onto my shirt. I should have put his pajamas back on, but lesson learned.

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