My First Week as a Daddy

14 February, 2009 | Posted by Marvyn

I am happy to report that I have survived the first week of being a proud daddy. Although I do have a few battle scars: burnt hands, dry gagging (something I do from lack of sleep), a house that looks likes Babies R Us’ stockroom, and a broken dryer.

Despite some grimaces, I have yet to experience any of the hardships that other mothers/fathers have attempted to scare me with. I still have ample time to watch sports and play video games. Ironically, I do these activities even more so now that Jagger and I are planted in front of the TV into the wee hours. (he’s asleep in my arms during those times, so calm down mommies and daddies) As for sleep, I’m still getting my 7-8 hours and I try to push my waking hours as deep into the night as possible to give Mary a chance to get some quality rest.

Diapers? A breeze. I’m not a fan of poopy, but I feel immune to Jagger’s dookie–I haven’t dry heaved, gagged, or vomited despite being within face range of the poopy monster’s diapers. To be honest, picking up Oreo’s poopy with a plastic shopping bag in the middle of a dimly lit street during freezing temperatures is a much more painful experience. Now that I think about it, I feel bad for the garbage men who have to take our garbage full of Oreo and Jagger’s poop.

For those wondering, I do have a camera full of pictures from the moment they pulled the little boy out of mommy. But I’m too tired to download them to my computer and post process them. But I promise they will be posted online sometime…whenever that is.

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