Prepping the Car for the Baby

18 November, 2008 | Posted by Marvyn

The wife and I have been preparing the nest for our soon to be born baby boy. Me being me, I always like to plan ahead for safety and convenience. So I thought it would also be a good idea to get our family car prepared as well.

Baby Mirror
When Oreo had his surgery, I traveled to the vet almost every week for checkups. With him in the backseat, I always had to keep an eye on him to make sure he was okay. Better to keep my eyes on the road. After seeing this in Prin’s car, I knew this would be perfect for the little piglet and eventually my baby boy. Now I can easily keep an eye on the road and my backseat travelers at the same time.

Keep in mind that some mirrors attach to the windshield via suction cups, which could potentially become a flying projectile. So look for something that is light, has rounded edges, and attaches more securely.

Sun Shade
Who wants the sun’s harmful UV radiation beating down on their newborn? Not me! If tinting your car windows isn’t for you, or local/state laws prevent it, this is the next best step.
Infant Car Seat
This should be the most obvious item that’s added to your car. I personally prefer the Graco line as they are compatible with a lot of stroller frames. Plus they have an extensive list of color options per model line.
Snow Tires
Not everybody lives in cold weather climate, but I do. All-season tires is a compromise and will not perform in ice/snow covered roads compared to dedicated snow tires. Although the cost to own a set of wheels/tires dedicated for cold weather seems prohibitive, keep in mind that the tires are only on the road for half a season. So in effect, you double the lifespan of the tires compared to using it all year round. If you ever decide to go down this route, make note that snow tires perfect best in cold weather — In warmer climate, the thread wears much faster.
  • Kendra says:

    We had taken our baby seat and car to the police checkpoint where they show you how to properly install the car seat. The officer said that the sun shade and mirror where not safe because if (god forbid) you were ever in an accident they become a safety issue because they come flying off the window or seat and can hit the baby. So, I would not recommend them if you are planning on having a safe car.

  • Marvyn says:

    I should have clarified how I wanted to use the baby mirror, but you bring up a good point. I really wouldn’t suggest placing the mirror in the rear windshield as it could be a projectile like you said. After all it’s only held on by suction cups.

    What I had in mind was one that securely attaches to the rearview mirror (front windshield). Not too useful when the car seat is facing the other way, but at least I can take a quick glance and see that he’s not roaming around in the back seat.

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