Vouch for Sayrebrook Veterinary Hospital

13 November, 2008 | Posted by Marvyn

I’ve read some less than stellar reviews for Sayrebrook Veterinary Hospital, and to the countrary they get my thumbs up approval. The type of quality care from Dr. Terrinin and her staff is exactly what Oreo needs to help him get back into good health.

Oreo’s previous owners had given him subpar care and paid little attention to his health. I have spent the last year correcting any health issues — and it’s been quite expensive too! Although with the help of Care Credit, the financial burden has been somewhat alleviated. I’ve brought Oreo to this veterinary hospital at least once every 3-4 months to check up on his badly infected ears. And most recently his operation to close his ear canal has been quite a terrifying experience for a loving dog owner.

Dr. Terrinin and Dr. Ross have been doing their best to help with Oreo’s recovery. And apparently Oreo has received a reputation there with his not-so-friendly attitude towards people he feels will hurt him.

But after the operation, it seems that he’s been more friendly to strangers. And this is what the doctors had said said, in that he may be a whole new doggy as he’s no longer suffering from the ear infection. I hope so.

  • Nancy says:

    my name is nancy and i work for sayrebrook vet hospital. oreo is/was my favorite patient of all time. i love him to death. i looked forward to his visits for his rechecks and anything else he needed. after his surgery he became the sweetest loving dog. i miss him terribly!!!

  • Marvyn says:

    I’m happy to see that Oreo is still remembered by his hospital staff. Before he passed away, I would talk to Mary about how Oreo was near the end of his rope, but I honestly thought I had a few more good years with him. I wish it were true so that my soon to be 2 year old son, Jagger could have played with our first “baby”.

  • Nancy says:

    im not gonna lie, when i saw your blog and pictures of oreo i got very excited. i wasnt sure it was really him. i wish i had my own pic of him. my dog passed away quickly too. he was a cocker spaniel as well and quite the tough dog to deal with. you should get another dog for jagger to play with. im sure that would be quite the sight. 🙂

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