Samsung Washer and Dryer: Initial Thoughts

16 March, 2009 | Posted by Marvyn

Our old GE washer and dryer decided to give up while feeding it the ever-growing mountain of Jagger’s onesies. After doing my homework on popular washer/dryer manufacturers, including Whirlpool, Kenmore, and Maytag, it was the Samsung line that had glowing positive reviews as opposed to the mixed bag of results from others.

The model we chose was the Samsung 4.0 Cu. Ft. Front Load Washer ENERGY STAR® (model# WF328AAR) and Samsung 7.3 Cu. Ft. Front Load Electric Dryer (model# DV328AER), both in tango red. No need to discuss the price we paid as prices are constantly changing and the amount we paid on credit makes me feel even less financially responsible during our nation’s economic hard times.

A week later, the set was finally delivered. A note about the delivery: The delivery person had the classic plumber’s butt crack showing, except the guy was standing straight up rather than bending over. Either he needed to pull up his pants or his crack is extraordinary long. Second, there was an issue with the dryer (which I’ll get into below) and he had instructed me to tell my mother to contact the appliance center for replacement. Not sure how to take this as I’m 30 years old and my mother lives miles away.

Back to the washer/dryer, I fired up both the washer and dryer and everything looked cherry until the delivery person opened the dryer door. Out came a steady flow of smoke, which he assured me is a common occurrence due to the oil residue burning off the drum, BUT the amount of smoke that came out was more than usual. We had the option to return it immediately or hold on to it and call if the dryer fails and they will replace it. Not wanting Jagger to go unclothed, I decided to take the latter route.

I’m very impressed with the technology that has gone into modern washers. No longer do I need to to set the load amount as the washer determines how much water is needed and the length of time to wash, rinse, and spin the clothes–although these items can be slightly adjusted by adding extra cycles.

One thing to note with front load washers is they require HE (stands for high efficiency) type detergent. From my research it’s mostly a low-sudsing mix. Also a close friend of the family works for a well-known parent company to a detergent manufacturer and stated that there is very little difference between HE and regular detergent. Not that I really had a choice in this as Dreft doesn’t make an HE detergent.

The washer is super quiet and the VRT (stablizes the washer during high speed spin) does it job effectively. The dryer is not whisper quiet like the washer, but produces a much less audible hum compared to our defunct GE dryer. I washed about 5-6 loads consisting of clothing, towels, linen, and 2 large comforters. The washer took them on like a champ without hesitation or hiccups.

The dryer handled its duties well, but left the comforters slightly damp. I had to time dry these rather than let the dryer run on auto. Speaking of auto, the washer has settings for bed linens, but not on the dryer. A little odd, but something that can be easily overcome with either setting the temperature to max or time drying.

Overall, I’m satisfied with our purchase, especially when compared to our older top load GE washer and dryer. I’ll report back in a few months to talk about the durability of the washer/dryer.

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