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The Good Daddy/Hubby/Photographer Bag Pt. 2

14 October, 2008 | Posted by Marvyn
The Camelbak HAWG MG is a very versatile hydration backpack as reviewed previously. Unfortunately, it's just a tad bulky for short trips. Enter the Camelbak Ambush. More after the jump...

Hydration Continued – Camelbak Sno Angel

5 October, 2008 | Posted by Marvyn
In my quest to keep Mary and the baby hydrated during her commute to work, I purchased another Camelbak hydration backpack — the Sno Angel. It is much smaller compared to previous Camelbaks I've written about here, (Ambush and HAWG MG) but it should be as this backpack was designed specifically for women. More after the jump...

The Good Daddy/Hubby/Photographer Bag

8 September, 2008 | Posted by Marvyn
In preparation for our family cruise to the Mediterranean, I picked up a Camelbak HAWG MG backpack. The though process was that I could provide water to my pregnant wife, hold my camera + lenses, and keep a sweater available. It certainly lived up to expectations. More after the jump...