Apple Pulling a Fast One

9 July, 2009 | Posted by Marvyn

I’m onto your game now Steve Jobs. You build somewhat reliable hardware and back it up with customer service. But the device dies a horrible slow Trinity-Neo death right after the warranty expires. Luckily, (for you) that’s just in time for the new improved hardware released that makes us want to sink another $2000 into your pockets. I hope you like the 2 years of subsidies I’m paying you through the nose with AT&T.

My Applecare ran out a few weeks ago and as expected my blackbook stopped working with Mary using it. Just like her white Macbook. I tested the HDDs. Docked it into a Thermaltake Black Widow BlacX docking station and it wouldn’t mount. Picked up a new Seagate 320GB and the blackbook is back up. So I think new HDDs for all Macbooks, including her Mary’s dad. Apparently Apple has shipped a batch of bad HDDs from Seagate with FW 7.01. Apple is at fault, and Patti and Mary are off the hook.

Why is there not a recall on this?

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