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Happy Easter!

1 April, 2013 | Posted by Marvyn
More pics after the jump

Horses and OCC

23 March, 2013 | Posted by Marvyn
I never rode a horse before and I was a bit nervous about it, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. It's like a slow motorcycle — Well I had a beginner's horse which only had 2 speeds: slow and slower. Still it was awesome and I want to do it again. The icing was discovering Orange County Chopper around the corner from the stable. Good times. Click the title for more pics.

We’re Becoming Health Nuts

18 March, 2013 | Posted by Marvyn
For the past week we have been eating a cleaner diet revolving around avocados, kale, various greens and fish. Oh and when I say "we" I really mean Mary and I as Jagger has continued his daily diet of hot dogs, corn beef, and ice cream. But today Jagger is joining our healthy eating as he helps me make buckflour pancakes. More pics after you know...

Snow Day at the Park

8 March, 2013 | Posted by Marvyn
What better way to to spend Friday hookey than with Jagger, the doggies, and some snow? I took my Canon DSLR and first press of the shutter button, "Please insert CF card". Grrr! So I present to you pictures with my trusty Nokia 920. More pics after the jump.

Big Apple Circus

7 March, 2013 | Posted by Marvyn
We closed out Mary's birthday with an evening under the big tent at Big Apple Circus. Jagger and I are both circus virgins. Initially he was overwhelmed by the sights and sound of the circus, but the lightsaber perked him right up for the 2nd act.

Jagger’s Birthday Gift to Mommy

6 March, 2013 | Posted by Marvyn
The end of result of our day at the park. Framed and given to mommy for her birthday.

Beast Turns 1 Year Old

28 February, 2013 | Posted by Marvyn
The birthday marathon continues with Beast's 1st birthday.

My Birthday Gift

26 February, 2013 | Posted by Marvyn
For my birthday Jagger promised me I could bite his cheek. Best gift ever! More pics after the jump.

Furnished By Ikea

17 February, 2013 | Posted by Marvyn
I'll be honest, I like Ikea. I know some of their furniture is cheaply made, but the pieces I own have held up quite well over the years. Plus their designs are so simple and universal that it's easy to combine pieces for a bigger installation or customize for a unique look. Click the image to see how I've furnished my house with select pieces.

Friday Hookey

15 February, 2013 | Posted by Marvyn
A little spring weather in the middle of February. Forget work. Forget school. Enjoy your weekend! More pics after the jump.

They Don’t Make Toys Like They Used To

13 February, 2013 | Posted by Marvyn
I was originally going to write this as a bias towards toys from my generation compared to those that my 4 year old son, Jagger plays with today. I had two Transformers, Snarl and Jetfire to be exact, that I loved, but little pieces broke off — Jetfire's tail fin and Snarl's foot broke off. Now it's tough pinpoint the cause to being clueless in transforming them or they weren't built rugged enough for the abuse of a 10 year old boy. Yet Jagger's Transformers, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, have held up in the 1+ month he's owned them. When his Transformers stand next to mine (only Jetfire because I don't know what happened to Snarl as last I saw him was on my dad's office shelf 20+ years ago) you can see the difference in plastics used and lack of metal pieces. Maybe the materials are more durable, despite not looking as sharp as mine. I guess we'll find out in a couple months or one day when he gives his Transformers to his child.

Teva Chair 5 Men’s Boots

11 February, 2013 | Posted by Marvyn
I'm accustomed to wearing minimal type footwear, ranging from New Balance Minimus to Nike Kobe sneakers. It's much easier to move and feel connected to the ground than fumbling around in heavy, oversized-feeling boots. So I decided to ditch my warm and comfy, but heavy Columbia boots and welcome the Teva Chair 5 Men's Boot. Full review after the jump.

Microsoft Store: Different Company, Same Results

10 February, 2013 | Posted by Marvyn
If you haven't noticed by now, I'm not very fond of Apple products. I have given them years of support only to experience premature failure with numerous devices ranging from iMacs to iPhones to Macbooks. Over the last few years I have been phasing out Apple products from both my personal and business life while my main work PC has been chugging along nicely. Give me more PC and Microsoft products. Enter a new era of PC heavy ecosystem. Maybe. Mary's Macbook — the last standing Apple device in the house — froze a lot and became pinwheel happy. For Christmas I surprised her with an Asus Vivo Tab RT. It has delivered a very positive Windows 8 RT experience, but I'll leave that review for another post. What this post is about is the support at our local Microsoft Store.

Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo

2 August, 2012 | Posted by Mary
Heaven is for Real is a true story about a boy named Colton Burpo, who at 4 years old, had a near death experience. Well, you could technically say he did die for 3 minutes. Colton was brought to the hospital after complaining of stomach pains and constant vomiting. The first visit to the hospital diagnosed it as stomach flu. It turned out though that Colton's appendix had burst and had an abscess. He was in really bad shape because he had this in his system for 5 days! After surgery, they thought they were in the clear but as Colton and his parents stepped into the elevator, the doctor had stopped them because the blood work revealed that there were 2 more abscesses. With the condition Colton was in there was little hope that he would survive. His parents, Todd, a pastor, and Sonja, had asked for prayers from their congregation. The next day, it seemed like a miracle had happened. Colton was sitting up, playing like a normal 4 year old. Doctors and nurses could not believe it. To the Burpo's, it seemed like their prayers were answered.

Kiddy Guard Retractable Safety Gate

6 November, 2011 | Posted by Marvyn
Due to the layout of our staircase, traditional child safety gates do not wedge properly in between the opening. This led me to the Kiddy Guard Retractable Safety Gate. Read the full post for my review on it.