Sad Week in Hollywood

25 June, 2009 | Posted by Mary

They say things happens in threes and it couldn’t be even more true this week. On Tuesday it was Ed McMahon, today it was two others: Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. Three legends that will live on in people’s hearts forever.

Ed McMahon hosted Star Search and some great talents came from there. I loved Star Search, I actually like it better than American Idol. Why did they ever get rid of that show? From then on, I really didn’t follow what he did afterwards. But I never really heard anything bad about him. He seemed like a like-able person. Plus, we shared the same birthday.

Farrah Fawcett was a gorgeous woman. Like Ed, I didn’t follow much of her work. There was Charlie’s Angels and a few others. Charlie’s Angels and her relationship with Ryan O’Neal is what all I really know about her. I know she has done some great work and that she was all the boys dream girl. I think a lot of boys had her famous poster. I also know that her family and friends love her very much. I am watching Barbara Walters interview with her loved ones right now and it has me crying. You can just see the love that they have for her.

From the news of those deaths comes another blow, the death of Michael Jackson. Michael will forever be the King of Pop. I don’t think there will be any other like him. I grew up listening and dancing to his music like most people. My cousins and I did a dance to Thriller. We were suppose to do the dance and a department store, Shoe Mart, where one my aunts worked. I can’t recall if we ended up doing it or not, but learning that dance was one of my best memories of my childhood. Michael’s death will be one of those events that people will ask years from now, “Where were you when you heard that Michael Jackson died?” My answer: “In the living room with Jagger, watching the news.” Michael has had some problems these past few years, but it doesn’t take away what he has done for the music world.

The rest of the world is crying with you Hollywood.

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