My Pregnancy…So Far

28 November, 2008 | Posted by Mary

I am now at the end of my 6th month and would like to share my experience so far. I have often heard that being pregnant is one of the best experiences a woman can go through. I can I agree with that, but I wish someone would have warned me what to expect. There are the usual morning sickness warnings. I already knew that. And I am very thankful that mine was not that bad because I hate throwing up. However there are things that I have experienced that has freaked me out and I wish I had known about them ahead of time.

Warning #1: Discharging

Expect to have discharging throughout the whole pregnancy. I have known from the beginning of the pregnancy that discharging is normal as long is it is not reddish. But what I did not know was that this discharging occurs throughout the whole 9(although really, 10) months! It came to a point that I really started freaking out about it a few weeks ago. I had to finally ask my sister-in-law if this was normal, which she of course said yes to. Soon after I asked her, I saw an article in a pregnancy magazine about it. A little late huh? But it calmed me down even more. So to the future expectant mothers out there, this is normal so don’t freak out.

Warning #2: Stuffiness and Bloody Nose

One day at work my sinuses started to bother me. I hated it. It doesn’t make me feel good at all. I happened to be talking to my sister-in-law on the phone and she told me that she had it throughout her whole pregnancy with my nephew. Great, just what I wanted to hear. Luckily though, my sinus pain went away. However, I have had constant stuffiness and a bloody nose. Every time I blew my nose, there was blood on the tissue. I figured it was just my allergies and the Claritin I was taking caused my nose to dry up. So I stopped taking Claritin but the problem continued.

So then I started using my humidifier and it stopped for a few days but continued up again. I then brought a nasal spray/drops with just saline to moisten my nose. So with a combination of all these, it finally eased the bleeding a bit. But I was still constantly wondering if this was all normal.

Last week I told my husband that if the bleeding doesn’t stop, I would go see my regular doctor about it. But then, as fate would have it, I was reading one of those pregnancy magazines and it stated that a bloody nose is normal. This is because the respiratory tract lining receives more blood. Something about hormones causing it. I am glad to have read this before going to the doctor. It saved me $25!

Warning #3: Sex

This is really a no brainer but I just wanted to put it out there. Your husband will want you even more. And he won’t understand as to why your sex life may become none existent at times during the pregnancy. He may feel like you don’t want him anymore and you try your best to reassure him that you still do. I have learned that no matter how many times you give in, he still will constantly complain about it.

Attention to all fathers-to-be: Take no offense if your wife does not want to sleep with you as much as she did before pregnancy! Not having sex with you as much as before does not mean we have lost our interest. The thing is, we feel fat, unattractive, and tired all the time that sex is the last thing in our mind. Plus the fact that we have this heavy thing in front of our body and our breasts are always sore. You as husbands really need to understand this! No matter how many times you compliment us (which we do appreciate although we may not show it at times), we still feel the way we feel. Sorry!

This is all the warnings I can think of so far. I am only at the end of my 6th month. I am sure there will be more and I will post as soon as I experience them.

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