Nursery Construction: T Minus 23 Days

8 January, 2009 | Posted by Marvyn

It took my father and I roughly 8 months to complete the construction for my office which involved studding, drywall, paint, and hardwood. We cracked wood in June 2008 and finished in October 2008. Sort of, not all the trim is in place and the doors are not painted.

And now I have moved on to the construction of Jagger’s nursery, which involves building a new hallway, adding doors, drywall, paint, and hardwood. My goal is to finish construction by February 1st. I started demolition the last full week of December. Therefore I have given myself a window of 40 days to complete. In comparison, it took me roughly 150 days to complete the office construction. This requires me to increase my pace by more than 300%. Stats. I watch too much sports.

So enough talk. Here’s some pictures.

click to view

The old closets removed from the 2 bedrooms indicated by the NY Knicks blue and the not-so-great pink bandaid of a room. I was knocking out studs one by one until my dad said to use the sawzall. So much easier. I wish he told me that earlier.


The base plates sat even with the 2nd subfloor. I’m guessing either they repaired some uneveness with the subfloor underneath it, or a thicker subfloor was required for the 1960s parquette flooring.

I don’t have pictures of the latest progress as I’ve been busy with the construction of the nursery (makes sense right?) But I have all the vertical studs and repatched the ceiling. There’s just a few places I need my dad’s expertise advise on framing for the quest closet and the nursery closet, which will eat into the garage.

Tomorrow I’m putting up the drywall. I need to be painting by next week. I’m dead.

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