Teenagers and Thongs

13 December, 2008 | Posted by Marvyn

I was updating the website catalog for a well known clothing brand for female teenagers and came across this bra and panty set that had me wondering: Why would a young female wear this? You may be thinking that it’s perfectly normal for a 19 year old girl to wear a thong, but this isn’t targeted for them. This was something in the brand’s junior collection, so we’re talking about girls between the ages of 12 and up. (Don’t bother bringing up petite girls, because well, this would be covered in their petite section) Certainly no 12 year old girl should have any business with sexy, sheer fabric wedged up their butt. Am I being overly protective?

I’m going to begin this with why women even consider walking around with a wedgie. It may not cover every reason out there, but I think these reasons alone invalidate any need for a 12 year old to have this in their panty drawer.

No Panty Lines. This is the most common answer I receive from women when I ask them why they wear thongs. Makes sense, but not for a little girl. If I had a young daughter, I would not care if her panty lines were showing or not. First, why would she allow boys to stare at her butt long enough to notice? And second, why would she be wearing something so tight enough that it hugs the curvatures of her panty line? With today’s undergarment technology, there are brands out there that promote seamless FULL COVERAGE panties, like Victoria Secret’s Body line — not that I suggest that my hypothetical daughter would even be shopping at Victoria’s Secret. That’s another topic altogether. 

It Feels Sexy. My translation of this is, “My boyfriend thinks I look sexy in it”. All kinds of wrong going on here. My hypothetical daughter does not need to look sexy for her boyfriend (assuming I even allow her one) or have the need to feel sexy. In fact, I don’t even want the words sexy and 12 year old near each other. Although I just did it, but that’s the last time I swear. 

So for parents out there with young, blossoming daughters, how did you feel when you first discovered her sexy intimate wear in her laundry? Did you freak out and throw them away? (I would) Or washed them and went along with your business?

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