Cloth Diapers: To Use? Or Not to Use?

2 December, 2008 | Posted by Marvyn

For the past few days, I have considered following the yellow brick road towards clothe diapers. And why not when it saves you a considerable amount of money compared to disposables? When I suggested this to Mary she gave me the eww face, the same face everybody makes when seeing two girls and a cup for the first time. Thoughts after the jump…(Regarding clothe diapers, not two girls and a cup)

Going organic is the new sexy trend. It’s not akin to walking into Starbucks wearing your nut-hugging Lucky brand jeans with your MacBook in one hand and your iPhone in another. But I would say saving the planet from disposable diaper landfill is a comparable second place, much more respectable than an unnamed 18-1 runner ups to Super Bowl XLII.

All jokes aside, green is the new black. A less toxic world is a better world and we would all be happier for it, right? Maybe not. Here’s why: Our laundry is piling up. It doesn’t help that our dryer stopped working. What do I do?

I do…

  1. Bring laundry to parents’ home.
  2. Go to a laundromat.
  3. Wake up the Maytag guy.
  4. Do nothing. 

I opted for #4. Imagine when Jagger’s doodoo bombs are jumping into the pile. The smell would be much worse than the time I farted in my cousin’s mouth. 

I vote no to clothe diapers on that alone. I could be more active in the laundry duties, but everytime I wash shirts, they shrink and get shorter, which I hear is the common reaction to all things in cold water. Which brings me to another point. The extra cost of water and electricity from daily diaper cleaning offsets the cost of disposables. So if I’m not saving money, why inconvenience myself? Decision made.

  • Mary says:

    Hopefully once your office is moved out of the laundry area, we can add more rope to go across that whole area and the clothes can be washed more often, with or without the dryer. That’s our main problem besides not having the dryer. I can only do one load a day(in our case, a weekend) because we have no where to hang our wet clothes.

    I am so glad you are giving up on this cloth diaper. It is just disgusting to have poop go into our washing machine.

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