I Shall Call Him…Mini Me

28 November, 2008 | Posted by Marvyn

I know one day when Jagger is taking a bath, he’s going to discover the little appendage between his legs. He may poke, pull, touch it many times out of curiosity, but now I’m going to have to provide a child safe name for it. Every family has their own little name. As I was raised, it was referred as titi, which is from my parents language. Recently on a family vacation, my mom simply said, “his dick”. And during that vacation, I’ve heard everything from dicky licky to winky — All said by the vacation girlfriends. On that note, I’m told that Mary’s friend has her daughter lined up to marry Jagger. 

Anyway, there’s the awesome pitutoy as shared by my nephew. But I think that’s now a classic word that I can’t use it without laughing myself. Perhaps being anatomically mature, it will just be his penis. No, not for a toddler. Cute at first when he says it, but I don’t want my son running around yelling it to people. 

I think this will have to wait. For now it will just be his thing.

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