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17 March, 2009 | Posted by Marvyn was mentioned on by Lauren, a well known blogger with Parenting. She was doing some research about daddy blogging and who better to ask than me? Below is the full interview. What are your thoughts dads?

What is the difference between men blogger and women bloggers? Mom bloggers and dad bloggers?
I think the biggest difference I see is that mommy bloggers try to find the moral of the story whereas men tend to be less interpretive while focusing more on what’s in front of them and taking it at face value.

Do dads get frustrated that there is so much stuff for moms on the web? No boys allowed!?
I don’t think “frustrated” is the correct word, but I do at times have a hard time relating to mommy bloggers for various reasons like anatomy differences or just the whole 9 month “hangover”. Sure, I’ve seen my wife go through the joys and pains of pregnancy, but I can only speak as an observer. So it’s definitely a bit awkward to raise my hand and comment about my thoughts on other blogs.

How has fathering changed over the years, with more and more dads using the web?
I am a first time father, so I can only go as far back as one month. But I think the web is becoming a bigger tool in helping not only daddies, but mommies too as far as trying to find a pediatrician, what to look out for, etc. My only concern is that people may become too dependent on the web for answers and you never know how reliable information can be. My sports law professor once told me, “One idiot can say anything. Two idiots can share the same idea. But if three idiots are expressing the same opinion, then it must be reliable.”

What do dads look for when they go online?
Before my wife became pregnant, I would visits sites like or That should pretty much tell you I’m a sports guy into gadgets. Planning for our baby boy, I switched that focus to little things I needed for him and what real world users were saying about it.

Moms get mad at dad -> Is this article fair? Do dads get equally mad?
Fair? It’s a one sided story. It’s like Rose telling her love story about Jack on the Titanic. Of course she’s going to paint a pretty picture of herself and her mean, meddling mother forcing a marriage to big bad Cal Hockley. I think the article needs a rebuttal from daddies who are more involved with their children. You show percentages, but what is your sample pool composed of?

Do daddies get equally mad? Sure, we’re all human. At times I feel a little frustrated with my wife, but I think men tend to hold less of a grudge and just brush it off after 10 minutes.

When dads go online, do you think they are okay with sharing space/topics with moms? Or do they want more space devoted to just them?
I like to peek in the daddy forum on to discuss/share experiences. It’s easier to relate to other daddies for the most part. Do we need space devoted to us? Sure, it would be nice to see a daddy blogger on

What blogs do you like to read?
Of course there’s the wonderful blogs on I also like to read,, and to name a few.

What do dads want from the web that is different than what moms want?
I personally want things straight to the point. Give me the meat and potatoes right away and skip the salad. 

Do you have a lot of dad readers, or are most of them moms?
Mostly mommies. and similar sites are catered to them yes?

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