A Doggy Monday

8 December, 2008 | Posted by Marvyn

What snorts like a boar, smells like bacon, and shits like a pig?

My little dog Oreo! When he had the bandage wrapped around his head (from the ear surgery) he was providing an interesting medley of night time acoustics. Turns out Oreo has a heart murmur causing pressure on his trachea. Hence the snore-fest. So twice a day he gets to feast on an assortment of feel good pills to help with the murmur. Which I just fed him along with his weekly Pellitol oitment in his non-surgery ear. The Pellitol smells like bacon which usually keeps him busy as he tries to get a lick of it.

It snorts like a boar, smells like bacon, and shits like a pig. What is it?

After his walk, I gave him his usual cup of food and set it down for him to eat. He sat, five feet away staring at it. Moved to his bed and continued to stare from a distance. Opps! “Sorry boy!” as I pointed to his food to motion him too it. He slid tile to tile to get his food. This was something I trained Oreo a long time ago, to wait for his food until I say it’s okay. I’m actually surprised that he still remembers it. He continues to amaze me everyday. I love the little doggah.

Does your dog (or pet) do anything that continues to amaze you?

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