Holiday Gifts for your Dog

14 November, 2008 | Posted by Marvyn

The holiday season is right around the corner and I’m starting to compile my list of gifts for the loved ones in my life. Flipping through the recent edition of Dog Fancy, I saw some really cool gifts for my little Oreo.

What really surprises me is how far along some of these products have come. Years ago, dog toys were limited to bones, squeekers, and girly sweaters — Not that I’ll ever force Oreo to wear human like clothing! I’ll stick with different collars for now. And on that note, here is my list of really cool gadgets I am considering for the holiday season.

Hduo™ Water Dispensing System

I once saw Mary fill Oreo’s bowl using our Brita pitcher. It struck me as a little odd since I always use tap water. With this, he can now drink the same quality water that we do — Not that water from the tap is harmful for him or us for the matter. Even better is that Mary’s father owns a water filtration company, so I can see this benefitting all of us.   
Buster Dog Food Cube

Oreo had a bit of a tougher time figuring out the Kong, although its erratic movement always peaked his curiosity. This cube looks like it dispenses treats much more freely and will keep Oreo’s attention for much longer. Until he empties it of course.
SitStay Treat Lovers Tote

Oreo doesn’t really have any tummy trouble eating new foods, although I rarely feed him anything new. But everything in this tote is all organic with no meat byproducts. He definitely loves treats and at this price, it’s high on my list.
Green Camoflauge Dog Collar

How can I ignore something camo for my dog? He’s already wearing a Rogz urban camo collar, but for me green camo is the best.
Pet Gear™ Camo Dog Bed

Now that I’ve got the ball rolling on camo, you should have seen this coming. Oreo already has a bed, but how cool is this? I just need a reason to buy this without Mary saying anything [note to self: I wonder if Mary will read this far into my story…I probably shouldn’t be typing this]

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