Teva Chair 5 Men’s Boots

11 February, 2013 | Posted by Marvyn

I’m accustomed to wearing minimal type footwear, ranging from New Balance Minimus to Nike Kobe sneakers. It’s much easier to move and feel connected to the ground than fumbling around in heavy, oversized-feeling boots. So I decided to ditch my warm and comfy, but heavy, Columbia boots and welcome the Teva Chair 5 Men’s Boot.

The boot is definitely lightweight — It’s comparative to wearing tennis shoes more than boots. The laces are lengthy and the strap combination allows for a snug fit. The styling is pleasant on the eyes too.

Now for the not so good stuff: The boot is noisy. The padding of the inner boot rubs against the sole of the outer boot and creates a sound similar to the crunch of stepping on fresh powder snow. Not a deal breaker unless you’re engaging in Solid Snake stealth missions.

The lightweight-ness requires less padding, which brings up some issues. It’s not as comfortable as a fully padded sole. I’ve never worn Crocs before, but my guess is that it’s similar to that as the sole looks to be of the same material. Also the heel cup has been digging into the back of my calf. It’s not chaffing me (yet), but it’s enough to be annoying. And despite the minimal materials, the boot doesn’t breath well. Moisture gets trapped between the inner and outer boot.

Overall, I would recommend this boot to anybody looking for something lightweight while trekking to the mall or bringing the kids to school. If you plan on hiking in these, find something else.

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